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Redeye is a main character in many of my

near future stories. Chat with Redeye:

My novella "God Box" was originally published by Padwolf Press.

On Kindle for $0.99

Slater and Redeye now have their own novel.

Kindle for $1.49

My first 10 years of fiction: 24 shourt stories.

Paperback for $5.99

Other Published Fiction

My Novella "God Box" was published by Padwolf Press.

"Interrupt Vector" appears in Vol XVII of Writer's of the Future.

My stories "Nuking Mt. Fuji" and "Who's Watching Bill Barnes" are in this anthology.

My story "Tiki" appears in Someone Has to Die.

"Threading Twilight" is in Feral Parakeets and Other Stories.

"Alien In Ohio" appears in Not From Around Here, Are You?

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